What best offer shoutcast server Internet Radio After

Radio Inferno gives you the best deal for servers Shoutcast Radio broadcasting Online asc unlimited unlimited unlimited bitrate traffic

Dedicated Servers are hosted on servers Next Set Radio

Supply in 2010 - only 12 euros without Auto DJ - and 15 Euro autodj

Number of listeners - No Limit (90000..) so how many listeners you can have only 12 euro

Backup ( autodj ) 2 gb

kbps - from 32 - to 256

Unlimited Traffic

all only 12 Euro or 15 Euro with backup (Auto DJ) If you want only Backup (autodj) without server only costs 7 euros a month and have 2 GB for your music

Daca Doresti decat Backup (autodj ) fara server te costa doar 7 euro Lunar si ai 2 Gb Spatiu pentru muzica ta

Server is tested for 24 h

Contact 0762 881 889

yahoo maill : Hostingradio2009@yahoo.com

shoutcast hosting service ! , in our site you will be able to start your own radio station, and people will be able to hear your station through our servers. Shoutcast is a Streaming Media Technology solution which allows broadcasting audio over the internet just like traditional television and radio broadcasts. Listeners can tune in through any media player: Shoutcast's underlying technology for broadcasting audio is MPEG Layer 3 (also known as MP3), which can be used to stream audio effectively in a live situation. It can also be used to deliver on-demand audio for archived broadcasts and is compatible with the new aacPlus standard technology. ViaStreaming recommends Shoutcast Streaming Technology as it is compatible with all major media players available today.